Johnson Strategic Alliances

Be sure your most critical meetings are your most impactful ones.                                    


Retreat & Meeting Facilitation

From leadership and training meetings to board meetings to retreats, we can help organize, plan, and facilitate to ensure your meetings stay focused and are impactful. With our facilitation and coordination, you are freed up to actively participate in the discussions and activities and to network.


Our well-planned meetings and retreats reflect the personality and needs of your organization. They are designed to sustain the participants’ energy, ensure the development of a common understanding, and identify timelines and responsibilities to implement afterwards.

Annual Meetings / Summits and Speaker Recruitment

Whether looking for speakers, planning your annual Summit, or coordinating a national meeting, we can help you develop your session descriptions and identify and recruit your speakers and facilitators. With our significant connections and networking, we help you produce an event that is both memorable and impactful.