Johnson Strategic Alliances

We tailor our work to ensure maximum impact.


Leadership Development

Whether looking to develop your C-Suite leaders, examining the latest research on best practices, or developing your new and rising leaders, we can help. Through interactive workshops, case studies, group discussions, and assessments, your organization can develop a culture of extraordinary leadership with the confidence to address challenges and opportunities with a sense of urgency and innovation.


C-Suite. We work with both new and proven leaders to hone their management and leadership skills. Often requested topics include Developing a Culture of Leadership; Leadership Assessments; Defining and Creating Stability; and Crisis Management


New Leaders. New leaders are faced with their own challenges as they transition to their new or expanded responsibilities. Our training and support is designed to impact both the individual and the organization, resulting in cross-functional, actionable leadership. Often requested trainings include Leadership Style; Impactful Communications; and Defining and Building Effective Teams.


Rising Leaders. With a program targeted to your Rising Leaders, you can maximize the impact of your workforce, increase retention, and prepare for transitions and successions. Common trainings include Management vs. Leadership; Charting Your Course; Managing Networks; Managing Both Up and Down the Chain of Command; and Time Management.