Johnson Strategic Alliances 

Translate your mission into financial performance.                                                           


Financial Education and Analysis

Whether you’re looking for someone to come in for a one-time project or on-going development and review, we can help. Equally adept at focusing  on projects that are routine or ad hoc, prospective (trending, forecasting) or retrospective (performance monitoring), we can help you ensure that your financial infrastructure is solid, your financial plans are in alignment with your operational reality, and your personnel have the knowledge and understanding to be fiscally aware and responsible. 


Financial Education. With a focus on financial education for non-financial personnel, we excel at taking complex topics and making them easy to understand.  Our most popular sessions are The Financial Impact of Operational Decisions and Understanding Your Financial Reports. Our trainings can be customized to include the financial reports from your organization.


Metrics & Quality Measures.  In today’s competitive environment, it is critical that you identify metrics and provide reports that are indicative of the quality of your organization. We can help you translate your mission into performance targets that help ensure accountability, maximize impact, and provide sustainability for your organization. This keeps your current funders and investors happy while making you attractive to future ones.


Focus on the Dollars. We provide a variety of analysis, planning, and support projects related to financial operations. Recent projects include:

  • Costing of Product / Service Lines

  • Policy and Procedure Development

  • Cash Flow and Cash Projection Models

  • IRS Form 990

  • Revenue Cycle Analysis

  • Budgeting – Operations & Capital

  • Auditing – Internal Reports & Operations